About Rich Family

Rich Family supplies professional and corporate with on – and offshore companies.

Rich Family has been providing high level financial services since 2007, and has good relationship with the agent of BVI, Caymans, Netherlands Antilles, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, the USA, Latin America and other jurisdictions. Rich Family is aiming to be a well-established regional financial services group our main office located in Taiwan.

Rich Family supplies companies to banks, lawyers, CPAs and leading corporates in Asia, and aims to provide a premium service for a restricted number of clients. We therefore offer a personal, and a high and responsive, level of technical and other service.

Rich Family offers full technical support, personalised service and an innovative company kit, which still remains the features traditionally preferred by company secretaries.

We have a high staff to client ratio, an attractive, innovative and user-friendly company kit, and, while we do not sell on price, we are competitive. We are highly flexible in our approach to clients, and believe we can provide the quality service which clients deserve.